My Dream Boho Florida Beach Wedding

November 26, 2023
Boho Chic Wedding Package Florida Beach Wedding

Embracing a style beyond conventions

Calling all Etsy and Pinterest brides: are you daydreaming of a wedding that can best be described as simple, hippie and artistic? One that breaks the rules, as shown by its freedom of expression and frugality? An eclectic mix of ethnic and nature-inspired styles revealed by simple, artsy, and adventurous touches? Are you gravitating towards neutral colors, free-flowing designs, and a free-spirited romance? If you identify with these concepts, you likely find yourself looking at a boho floria beach wedding for inspiration.

You’ve seen the words and images pop up on your Pinterest board feed. Boho Brides are definitely a top trend right now, bringing a sense of cool, fun, wild, free-spiritedness that makes you feel like this could be the marriage of the concepts of “chic” and “magical.” But how do you actually pull off transferring Pinterest to reality when it comes to a trend marked by “unique elements”? 

Let’s start by breaking down what the term Boho means, and the characteristic elements that embody the spirit of this exciting trend.

Understanding Bohemian Style

What makes a wedding style bohemian? Often, it’s the rule-breaking of the unexpected – this is at the core of the style. The bohemian aesthetic celebrates unconventional beauty, freedom of expression, and a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Boho weddings defy traditional norms, allowing couples to infuse their personality into every detail.

So, let’s start with the basics. If you have a Pinterest board filled with dreamy boho wedding inspiration, you’re off to a great start. The boho bride trend is all about embracing creativity and individuality, and while you’ve probably been saving ideas from the ever-popular platform than Pinterest, you’re probably starting to wonder, ‘But how do I make these ideas a reality?’ 

Translating Boho from Pinterest to planning 

Embarking on a boho wedding journey requires an understanding of the fundamental elements that define this style. The boho beach wedding, in particular, has distinct markers that set it apart.

Natural Decor:

The Boho style incorporates stones like agate and quartz, driftwood, and reclaimed wood for a rustic yet artistic ambiance. Nature-themed stationery, mismatched modern and vintage elements, and un contribute to the boho aesthetic. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate lush greenery throughout your décor. It adds an organic, free-spirited touch to your beach wedding.

Bridal Attire:

Groomsmen can opt for casual beach attire to contribute to the laid-back atmosphere. Choose a bohemian-style wedding dress that allows freedom of movement on the beach. Flowy silhouettes, lace details, and ethereal fabrics mirror the ease and grace of the ocean, embodying the simplicity that the Boho bride embraces.

Neutral Color Scheme:

Boho beach weddings are characterized by a dreamy and eclectic color palette that blends with the natural beauty of the coastal surroundings. Earthy tones like sandy neutrals, sage greens, and muted blues create a harmonious connection with the beach environment. Pair the bold accents and textures of boho style with neutral tones like creams, taupe, ivory, and terracotta. This creates a cohesive and timeless look while allowing vibrant boho elements to stand out.


Highlight the use of flowy, natural fabrics like lace, macramé, and linen. These textiles contribute to the laid-back and romantic atmosphere, with tables adorned in flowing runners and draped in ethereal fabrics. To achieve that perfectly mismatched yet harmonious look, mix and match modern and vintage elements in your seating, linens, and centerpieces.

Wild and Organic Florals:

Boho beach weddings embrace wild and organic blooms, veering away from structured and formal arrangements. For a Destin beach wedding, incorporate local, beach-appropriate flowers and greenery into your arrangements, such as lisianthus, lilac, eucalyptus, thistle, anemone, pink ice protea, bells of Ireland, amaranth, artichokes, succulents, orchids, bird of paradise, lily, safari sunset flower. Unique and trendy visual signatures for the Boho style are dried flowers, pampas grass, succulents, and unconventional florals, creating an untamed yet elegant aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the beach’s natural beauty. 

Floral Crowns:

For the bride and bridesmaids, floral crowns are a Boho essential that adds a touch of whimsy. Crafted from a mix of fresh or faux flowers and greenery, these crowns become symbolic statements, connecting the wearers to the surrounding nature.

Food and Drinks: 

Wonder what makes something Bohemian cuisine? Explore catering options that align with a casual, family-style dining experience. Signature drinks, including creative and personalized beverages, add a unique touch to the Boho Beach wedding experience.


Live acoustic music or indie bands contribute to the relaxed and carefree atmosphere. Alternative seating arrangements like picnic-style seating, rugs, and cushions enhance the communal and relaxed feel of the celebration.

Incorporating these elements into your boho beach wedding ensures a celebration that not only captures the essence of Bohemian style but also harmonizes with the natural beauty of the beach setting.

Boho, but make it beach

When bringing bohemian elements to the beach, the challenge lies in adapting this style to the coastal environment. Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate boho flair with the laid-back ambience of the beach.

An altar that is both boho and beachy.

The boho wedding altar is no longer confined to traditional arches. Break away from traditional arches and opt for unconventional geometric shapes, giving your beach ceremony a distinct and artistic flair. Consider triangular altars or other unique designs that resonate with your personal style, and think about materials like bamboo or driftwood, adorned with macramé details and pampas grass. Placing a rug underfoot can frame the bride and groom, capturing the eclectic style of prints and textures. Natural and rustic elements harmonize with the coastal backdrop, bringing the inside to the outside and highlighting the uniqueness of the moment.

Relaxed seating that isn’t a pain to put on the sand.

Embrace the boho spirit with relaxed seating arrangements. Use colorful rugs, cushions, and low seating options like poufs or pallet lounges. Let your guests sink into the sand while enjoying the ceremony. For a more formal seating arrangement, consider a burlap chair wash or eucalyptus hangers.

Natural accents that highlight the seaside.

Utilize the beach’s natural beauty to your advantage. Decorate your ceremony space with seashells, driftwood, mismatched lanterns, and sea glass. Add a touch of whimsy with hanging dreamcatchers and strings of shells.

Get your toes in the sand.

Footwear takes a carefree turn in Boho beach weddings, with many brides opting to go barefoot, showcase anklet jewelry, or choose bohemian-inspired sandals. Delicate, lace-up sandals adorned with shells or beads evoke a sense of the beach’s natural charm. Complemented by beachy accessories like anklets and loose, flowing hair adorned with natural elements, the overall bridal look exudes an effortlessly chic vibe.

Unplug for the good part.

Along those same lines of encouraging a casual and trusting set-up that allows your guests to connect with the love and magic of a wedding – request they participate in an “unplugged ceremony,” in which guests’ phones and electronics will not only be silent but completely off or maybe even absent.

The combination of these boho elements not only creates a visually stunning aesthetic but also resonates emotionally. Couples embracing the boho beach wedding trend find themselves immersed in an atmosphere that effortlessly marries the carefree spirit of Bohemian style with the natural beauty of a beach setting.

Avoid Overwhelm and DIY Pitfalls

The beauty of the bohemian style lies in its endless creative possibilities, offering a canvas for personal expression. Yet, amidst the myriad ideas, it’s crucial not to let the abundance overwhelm you. What’s truly impressive about the bohemian style is the boundless potential for creativity and personalization, allowing your wedding to be a unique reflection of your love story.

With a plethora of potential choices, it’s understandable to feel a bit lost, especially when planning a beach wedding with its unpredictable weather. Keeping the ceremony simple and low-stress becomes a priority. So, how can you seamlessly transfer the pillars of boho style to the beach?

However, the freedom that comes with boho style can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed by taking on too many projects. Here are essential tips to navigate the DIY aspect of your boho beach wedding:

  1. Avoid Overdoing It:

Boho is marked by a sense of simplicity and effortlessness. While DIY projects can add a personal touch, it’s important not to go overboard, as too many can make your wedding feel cluttered and chaotic. Knowing when to rely on vendors is crucial to reduce stress and ensure a successful, stress-free celebration. Choose a few key elements to focus on, and let the rest be handled by professionals.

  1. Vendor Reliance:

Relying on vendors is key. Basic floral arrangements might lack the handcrafted vibe, and taking on all the DIY decor this could require is likely to be an overwhelming endeavor. While Boho looks simple with asymmetric and laid-back visuals, there’s often more variety in the designs, as described above. Incorporate a mix of DIY elements and professional assistance. Selecting reliable vendors ensures a stress-free experience, allowing you to enjoy your special day without unnecessary burden.

Finding the right balance between DIY creativity and professional assistance ensures a harmonious and memorable boho beach wedding. Let your love story unfold in the relaxed, carefree ambiance that defines the bohemian style, creating a celebration that is uniquely yours.


Bringing it all together

Embarking on the journey of planning your dream wedding is an exciting time, especially when the vision involves the enchanting blend of bohemian chic and the serene backdrop of a beach. By intertwining these carefully curated elements with the natural allure of a Florida beach, you’re set to craft a Boho beach wedding experience that is both enchanting and enduring. As the waves of the Gulf of Mexico gently caress the shores of Destin, Florida, your wedding can be a testimony to the love, creativity, and individuality that shape your special day. The canvas of a boho beach wedding provides a distinctive backdrop for your love story, set against sun-kissed sands and coastal charm.

While trends often fade with time, a Boho beach wedding boasts timeless elements, ensuring your memories are lasting and treasured. Boho’s allure lies in its unique and timeless blend. This guide emphasizes the adaptability and personalization options within the Boho beach wedding trend, urging couples to infuse their distinct personalities into every celebration detail.

So, let the free-spirited essence of Boho be your guiding force, and may your boho beach celebration authentically reflect your unique love story—a blend of love, nature, and free-spirited charm, crafting memories as enduring and timeless as the tides that gently wash ashore. With this comprehensive guide, your boho beach wedding is poised to be a crafted masterpiece—a tapestry woven with love, individuality, and the serene backdrop of the sea.