Q: How and when do I get my marriage license?

A: You can obtain a marriage license from any county in the state of Florida (no, it does not have to be in the same county you are getting married in). Most counties offer in-person application options, however some counties are now offering virtual appointment options now, including Okaloosa County.

Keep in mind, marriage licenses are only valid for a 60-day period from the effective date so plan to apply for your license no more than 2 months before your wedding day. 

Once you apply and obtain your license, you will bring it with you to your ceremony for your officiant to sign.


Q: Will there be a wedding rehearsal?

A: We do not organize formal wedding rehearsals prior to your ceremony. Generally, beach weddings are not particularly excessive, nor are they typically produced at a large scale. Therefore it is not essential, or necessarily helpful, to organize a wedding rehearsal in this case.

However, along with regular communication throughout your planning process, we will set up a meeting with you that will include a detailed itinerary review about a week before your wedding to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of your wedding day (timeline, procession, ceremony, etc). 


Q: What does our planning process look like?

A: Upon booking with Seas The Day Weddings, you can expect to be invited to Honeybook, a project management platform that allows us to easily communicate with you and help manage and organize your special day. All aspects of your wedding planning process will exist on your Honeybook project page, so it is imperative that you stay up-to-date with notifications and communications sent your way. This includes, but is not limited to, your contract, invoice, payment schedule, design elements, coordination elements, email communications, etc. 

You can expect the following throughout the duration of your planning process:

Design QuestionnaireIf you selected a package that includes event décor, this questionnaire will be delivered to you 90 days from your wedding. This will address all design-related aspects of your wedding, including decor pieces, florals, and color selections.

Coordination Questionnaire – This questionnaire will be delivered to you 60 days from your wedding. This will address all ceremony-related aspects of your wedding, including music selections, processional order, and photography details.

Wedding Itinerary – We will submit your final wedding itinerary 30 days from your wedding. The itinerary will include a detailed timeline and relevant information you will need to know for your big day.

Itinerary Review Meeting – The week before your wedding, we will schedule a time to discuss the itinerary and any other questions you may have for us.


Q: Are your florals fresh or artificial?

A: All of our arbors come standard with artificial florals. If you would like to get a quote for a custom fresh arbor swag, inquire with your wedding planner. 


Q: Do you provide a rain backup option?

A: As we utilize public beach access points, we are unable to provide a rain back up option. We encourage our clients to establish a backup option at either their residence or reception location. 


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Our team of dedicated professionals work diligently to ensure that the weather is proactively monitored in the days, hours and minutes before your ceremony. We work to communicate closely with our clients in the event of rain to discuss options which depending upon the circumstances may or may not include moving the ceremony time/day or location. 


Q: Where do we park for the wedding? 

A: As we use public beach access points for our ceremonies, we cannot guarantee parking. We encourage our clients to carpool and plan ahead for time needed to find parking. 


Q: What does my ceremony coordinator do?

You will have a dedicated wedding ceremony coordinator that will help manage the logistics of your event. This role includes communication with you and your party, managing vendors, handling the timeline of events, and resolving any challenges that may arise. Your coordinator will be your point of contact, the person who directs you and your wedding party, ensures that design details are accurate, handles your procession and recession as well as your music and photography. Your coordinator is unable to function as an usher to your guests or handle personal items belonging to you or your guests. 


Q: When will I receive my wedding photos?

Our standard as a company is that all of our photographers provide a small “sneak peak” album to our clients within one of week of their ceremony and full albums within 8 weeks. During our busy season (April-October), these times may vary. 


Q: How will my photos be edited?

Our photographers provide “light” editing to their images. This includes adjusting lighting, enriching of colors, limited removal of unwanted background objects or people. We do not offer photoshop level editing nor can we guarantee that all images will turn out. We suggest that you review each available photographer’s style and make a photographer selection based upon your preferences. All of our photographers will work to use angles and selective focus to limit unwanted backgrounds. 


Q: Can I bring my own decor?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you communicate with your coordinator in advance so you can walk through your plans. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with handling or setting up any decor or items not owned by Seas the Day.