Top 8 Beach Wedding Trends for 2021

February 3, 2021
3 women on a beach in bright colored dresses for a beach wedding


Looking for ways to spice up your wedding? Give your wedding an added boost this year with one of these top beach wedding trends for 2021.

More Color Please

Couples are steering away from classic cream and white colors to celebrate their nuptials. Instead, many couples are seeking bold and playful colors to bring happiness and fun to their special occasion. If you are hoping for a more subdued color palette, lush greenery is the way to go! From sophisticated farmhouse themed to boho chic, greenery makes for the perfect wedding adornment.

Beach Bonfire Smores

When considering a beach wedding, there is nothing better enhancing the already impeccable backdrop of nature and turning it into a full wedding celebration experience. Why leave the beach after your ceremony if you don’t have to?! Having a beach bonfire pit for smores is a creative and fun way to bring you and your guest together after your beach wedding ceremony. Although the rules vary from beach to beach and city to city in Florida, many locations allow permitted bonfires where you and your guests could enjoy time circled around making smores and enjoying each-others company during the day or under the stars.


Who says that you can’t get married at night and who says that you can’t have lighting on the beach. Not us. With so many options for lighting such as lanterns, tiki torches, candles, string lights on your arbor, or LED’s, your options are endless and prepare a romantic atmosphere surrounding your wedding celebration. Another fun idea is to end your night with your guests lighting the path with sparklers for you and your spouse as you depart.

Live Streaming

Let’s be honest, 2020 was a difficult year for couples tying the knot and many friends and family members were unable to attend their loved one’s weddings. As we move into 2021, hope is on the horizon, but many of the challenges of 2020 still linger. One trend predicted for this new year is live streaming of wedding ceremonies for those individuals that were unable to travel to the event.

House Rentals for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Many couples searching for a different vibe or wanting more privacy are bailing on bars and restaurants and choosing beach rentals instead. Going out can be a lot of fun, but for those looking to avoid crowds of people and wanting a more intimate experience, rental properties for wedding parties is the way to go! Beach rentals can be a one stop shop for couples wanting to celebrate their bachelor or bachelor parties, host friends and family and even honeymoon in the property after exchanging nuptials. Florida Gulf beaches in Destin, Naples, and Fort Myers offer access to endless rental options, dining, and local accommodations.

Silent Disco

Receptions are still a touchy subject as we move into 2021. As concerns about health and safety drag on with no clear end in sight, couples are looking for creative ways to bring friends and family together safely to celebrate their unions. For individuals planning a beach wedding, silent discos held right on the shoreline provide a fun and creative way to keep the party going right after the reception. Rising in popularity since the early 2000’s, silent discos are a fabulous way to have a blast without blasting other people’s ears. If you are not familiar with this trend, envision a DJ playing music and people enjoying themselves with the use of wireless headphones.

Sequel Weddings

If you are wanting to indulge in your dream beach wedding in 2021 but have reservations about planning the perfect reception in covid-19 times, a sequel event may be a good option. Many couples are saying “I do” at the altar but offering a rain check to the idea of a large reception celebration. Even for those individuals that are willing to host large group gatherings at present, the fact of the matter is that many guests are declining offers to attend receptions. Instead of compromising on your guests list and missing out on memories with loved ones, why not get married now and have a big reception later on.

Beach Weddings

So, what’s the biggest trend for weddings in 2021? Beach weddings themselves! 2020 saw increased numbers in couples choosing beach options, but the expectations are that 2021 will be record-breaking for people trading in larger traditional settings and moving to practical options outdoors. Many couples have already pushed back their ceremony dates once if not twice for their pre-covid planned events and are tired of waiting. In the meantime, people are flocking to the Florida Gulf coastline and enjoying smaller, safer, and more cost-effective celebrations. Beach wedding packages make planning a wedding easier than ever with a stress-free experience. Because who needs more stress after 2020?