Choosing Real or Artificial Wedding Flowers

May 31, 2024

What to Consider with Wedding Flowers

The choice of real or artificial flowers at a wedding is a delicate decision, weaving through aesthetics, tradition, and personal preferences. Couples often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding between the timeless allure of real flowers and the practicality of artificial blooms. In this exploration, we’ll dissect the pros and cons of both options, aiming to guide you toward the floral choice that aligns with your vision, values, and budget.

The Final Touch

Flowers are more than just eye candy at weddings; they’re the fairy dust sprinkled atop the magic of the day. They enhance the atmosphere, making every moment feel enchanted. With their vibrant colors and delightful fragrances, flowers can transform any setting into a dreamy paradise. From the bride’s bouquet to the aisle décor, flowers are the silent narrators of your love story, creating an ambiance that’s both romantic and captivating. They ensure your wedding leaves a lasting impression on everyone.

Petals with purpose

Before jumping directly into the ‘real or artificial wedding flowers’ debate, it’s important to touch on just why this can be such an important conversation. Real flowers carry a rich history of tradition and symbolism. Different flowers hold diverse meanings across cultures. Certain blooms carry timeless elegance, while others are steeped in cultural significance. Incorporating flowers with intention adds a layer of depth and personalization to your wedding.

Embracing symbolism

The choice of flower can be a deeply symbolic reflection of concepts like the couple’s heritage or values. For example, roses represent love and passion, while lilies symbolize purity and refined beauty. By selecting flowers that resonate with your relationship, personalities, or cultural backgrounds, you weave a tapestry of stories and traditions into your wedding. Embracing the symbolism of real flowers ensures your wedding is not only visually stunning, but also rich in meaning and sentiment.

Concerning Tradition

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by blooms that echo your ancestry and shared values. Real flowers have adorned weddings for centuries, offering a fragrant connection to history. They symbolize a timeless tradition, linking couples to an elegant past of love through the ages, creating a sense of continuity. Opting for blooms that evoke nostalgia can honor the countless couples who’ve walked the aisle before you. A bouquet of real flowers isn’t just an accessory; it’s a bridge to cherished traditions.

Common Mistakes

Picking out-of-season flowers might leave you feeling like your flowers are a bloomin’ disaster! Heat can turn delicate petals into droopy disappointments, while cold snaps leave buds stubbornly closed. Seasonal mismatches often spell trouble, as finding off-season blooms can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even if you find them, brace yourself for a hefty price tag. Rare blossoms, like those that are not native to your wedding area, might need to be shipped in, and will also make your wallet feel the pinch. To avoid floral faux pas, stick to blooms that thrive in your wedding’s season and region. Not only will they look fresher, but your budget will also breathe easier. So, choose wisely to keep your florals fabulous and your costs in check.

Growing Trends

Wedding florals are blossoming with new trends! Recently, couples are loving lush greenery, wildflower arrangements, and eco-friendly options. The bohemian trend, with its free-spirited vibe, is particularly in vogue. Think pampas grass, dried flowers, and whimsical arrangements that scream effortlessly chic. (If you’re seeking more Boho inspiration, we’re kind of the experts: Seas the Day Weddings has an extensive blog full of tips on the Boho trend, and a package just for Boho Brides!) Beach weddings often feature tropical flowers (Florida’s specialty!), succulents, and sea-inspired decor to complement the coastal setting.

Blossoming Choices

Speaking of trends, artificial flowers have been making waves in the wedding world for some time now. They’re not your grandma’s plastic blooms anymore though; modern faux flowers can look incredibly lifelike. Couples are choosing them for their durability, especially at beach weddings where heat and salt air can be harsh. Faux florals won’t wilt or fade, ensuring your arrangements stay picture-perfect all day. They offer endless customization, allowing you to get creative without worrying about seasonality. Plus, they’re often more budget-friendly and can be kept as mementos or reused for other events. With all these perks, it’s no wonder artificial flowers are blossoming as a choice for savvy brides and grooms!

Choosing Between Real or Artificial Flowers

Bearing in mind this general background, let’s dive into the pros and cons of each option, helping you make the best choice of real or artificial wedding flowers for your special day! Are real flowers the reigning champ, or are fake flowers the future?

Real Flowers

When it comes to real flowers, the allure lies in their natural beauty. Each bloom is a unique masterpiece, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the wedding. The range of colors, sizes, and fragrances adds a touch of authenticity that resonates with the romanticism of the occasion. Real flowers can make your wedding feel swept away in a fairy tale. Their natural charm creates an atmosphere that’s both enchanting and memorable, making them a timeless choice for weddings.

Natural Beauty

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the fresh scent of roses or the exotic aroma of lilies, each flower enhancing the sensory experience. The subtle differences in each petal and leaf bring a level of detail and elegance that artificial flowers simply cannot replicate. The tactile sensation of real blooms, their softness, and their gentle movement in the breeze add to the overall effect. In the hands of a skilled florist, real flowers become living art, creating a visual and fragrant symphony that perfectly complements the beauty of your wedding day.


  1. Fragrance and Ambiance

    The natural fragrance of real flowers contributes to the sensory experience, creating an enchanting atmosphere that lingers in the memories of both the couple and their guests. The sweet scents of fresh blooms, such as the intoxicating aroma of gardenias or the delicate perfume of peonies, can evoke powerful emotions and add to the overall romance of the day. As guests arrive and walk through a sea of fragrant flowers, they are immediately immersed in a world of beauty and love. The subtle, natural aromas wafting through the air enhance the overall ambiance, making every moment more memorable. This sensory appeal is something artificial flowers can’t replicate, ensuring that real blooms bring an extra layer of magic and sentiment to your wedding celebration.

  2. Eco-friendly

    When it comes to eco-friendly weddings, real flowers steal the show with their sustainable sourcing practices. Opting for locally grown and seasonal blooms not only reduces the carbon footprint but also supports local farmers. After the celebration, these blooms gracefully bid adieu, decomposing and returning to nature. Their biodegradability ensures minimal environmental impact, enriching the soil and nourishing new growth. From petal to stem, real flowers complete their life cycle, leaving behind memories and nutrients for future flora. So, by choosing real flowers grown with care and consideration for the environment, couples can celebrate their love while honoring the planet.

  3. Overall Superior

    It must be said: nothing beats the real thing. No silk flower, no matter the price tag will quite leave the same impression as real flowers. Real flowers have individual differences to one another, and are delicate and fragile, reminding you that your wedding day and your love are also precious and unique gifts. Real flowers can continue to open and bloom throughout the day, as though they are bursting with joy for you. Their petals move delicately in the breeze, and as we said above, they release a fragrance that settles on the whole day. Real flowers help add a cascade of tiny but significant sensory details that make the air tingle with magic, and that feeling is something your brain will remember. If you want to have moments of your wedding day that are too perfect to be real, and later feel like polaroids in your memory, real flowers make a strong case for themselves.


  1. Cost Considerations

    While the beauty of real flowers is unparalleled, it comes at a price. The cost of sourcing and arranging real flowers can escalate quickly, impacting the overall wedding budget. From exotic orchids to seasonal peonies, the expenses can add up, making it a costly endeavor. Fresh flowers often need to be imported or specially grown, adding to their price tag. Additionally, the labor involved in arranging and maintaining real flowers can be significant. Florists may charge a premium for intricate designs and on-site arrangements, further increasing the costs. For couples trying to keep their budget in check, these expenses can be a major consideration, sometimes leading to difficult decisions about where to allocate funds.

  2. Fragility and Limited Lifespan

    Real flowers, as ephemeral as love itself, have a limited lifespan. Wilted blooms can be a concern, especially for events lasting longer than a day. The delicate nature of real flowers means they require careful handling and timely arrangements to stay fresh throughout the festivities. Heat, humidity, and even transportation can affect their appearance, making them less reliable in challenging conditions. Ensuring that real flowers remain vibrant and beautiful from the ceremony through to the reception can involve additional costs and logistical planning, such as refrigeration and constant hydration.

  3. Limited Availability

    Some flowers are seasonal, and their availability may be restricted to specific times of the year. This limitation can pose challenges when aiming for a particular floral theme or color scheme. If your dream bouquet includes flowers that aren’t in season, you might need to reconsider or pay a premium to have them sourced. Off-season flowers often need to be imported from distant locations, driving up costs and complicating delivery schedules. Furthermore, relying on seasonal blooms means being at the mercy of nature, with potential risks such as poor weather affecting the quality and supply of the desired flowers.

Artificial Flowers

Now that we’ve explored the beauty of real flowers, you might be convinced of your answer, but don’t stop reading just yet! There’s more to say on real or artificial wedding flowers, so let’s turn our attention to the synthetic counterparts. While real blooms bring a natural charm and fragrant allure to weddings, fake flowers offer a different kind of appeal.

Blooms beyond bounds

Dive into a garden of infinite possibilities with artificial flowers! Say goodbye to traditional limits and hello to endless options. Couples can embrace any flower, anytime, without constraints or availability woes, granting the freedom to mix and match blooms ensures that every bouquet and centerpiece reflects the unique personality of the couple. Moreover, the customization potential is virtually limitless, allowing couples to tailor their floral arrangements to match their desired color scheme and wedding theme flawlessly. It’s no wonder faux florals have carved a niche in the wedding industry. So, let your creativity bloom and explore the boundless world of artificial flowers for your dream wedding!


  1. Diversity in Aesthetics

    Artificial flowers offer an extensive palette of colors and shapes, allowing couples to curate arrangements that align perfectly with their wedding theme. Whether you desire a classic bouquet of roses, a vibrant mix of tulips, or a whimsical assortment of wildflowers, real blooms provide endless creative possibilities. The diversity in real flowers means you can match them to any color scheme or style, from elegant and sophisticated to rustic and bohemian. Florists can mix and match different blooms to craft stunning centerpieces, bouquets, and décor that reflect your vision and personality, making your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness

    Let’s talk green – not the eco-kind, but the kind that keeps your budget in the black! Opting for fake flowers can save you serious cash without compromising on style. Artificial blooms are generally more budget-friendly than their real counterparts, allowing couples to allocate their floral budget to other aspects of the wedding. Moreover, the initial investment in artificial flowers can be considered a one-time cost, with the potential for reuse in other events or as home decor. Think of it as a floral investment that keeps on giving, long after the last dance. Plus, with faux florals, you won’t have to worry about additional costs like refrigeration or special handling to keep them looking fresh. But be forewarned! Choosing artificial flowers for their cost-effective allure could leave you with low-quality florals, and finding high-quality fake flowers, usually very nice silk, can often be quite an investment. If you’re looking to make your wedding budget bloom with artificial flowers, it could be worth asking if your wedding planner, venue, or rental company has some options.

  3. Durability

    Let’s talk flower power! Artificial flowers boast an undeniable durability, standing tall from “I do” to “Let’s dance!” Unlike real flowers that wilt and fade over time, artificial blooms remain unchanged throughout the day. This durability is particularly advantageous for weddings held in challenging environments, such as extreme temperatures, extending over 6 hours, or being hosted exclusively outdoors. With faux florals, you can say goodbye to wilted woes and hello to everlasting elegance. Whether you’re exchanging vows under the scorching sun or dancing the night away under the stars, your blooms will stay fresh and fabulous. Plus, you won’t have to stress about delicate petals bruising or wilting in transit.

  4. Allergen-Free

    Bless you? Not with fake flowers! Bid farewell to allergy woes and embrace celebrations with sneeze-free splendor. For couples and guests with flower-related allergies, artificial flowers provide a welcome solution. The absence of pollen in artificial blooms eliminates the risk of triggering allergies, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the celebration without the worry of discomfort or allergic reactions. With pollen-free artificial blooms, everyone can breathe easy and enjoy the festivities without discomfort or allergic reactions.


  1. Artificial Appearance

    One of the most significant concerns with artificial flowers is the potential for an artificial appearance. Low-quality silk or plastic flowers can look noticeably fake, impacting the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Beware the dreaded faux pas of fake flowers by opting for high-quality silk or realistic options to ensure a natural and stunning floral display that dazzles your guests.

  2. Environmental Impact

    While artificial flowers might seem like a sustainable option, their production often involves non-biodegradable materials such as plastic. The environmental impact of manufacturing and disposing of artificial flowers raises questions about their eco-friendliness. To address this concern, couples can explore more sustainable options, such as renting fake flowers or choosing biodegradable materials.

  3. Lack of Fragrance

    One of the enchanting aspects of real flowers is their natural fragrance. Artificial flowers, unfortunately, lack this sensory dimension. To compensate, couples can consider incorporating scented elements into their wedding decor, such as scented candles or essential oil diffusers.

  4. Limited Reusability

    While the durability of artificial flowers is an advantage, they may have limited reusability. Over time, artificial blooms can show signs of wear and tear, affecting their appearance. Proper storage and maintenance are essential to maximize the lifespan of fake flowers and ensure they remain in good condition for potential future use.


In the perennial debate of real or artificial wedding flowers, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The choice ultimately hinges on the couple’s priorities, values, and the vision they have for their special day. Some couples may prioritize the natural beauty, fragrance, and tradition of real flowers, while others may opt for the practicality, cost-effectiveness, and endless possibilities offered by fake flowers. Don’t forget you may even have a third option in blending both real and artificial flowers! The bottom line is that it’s your call.

As you embark on this floral journey, consider the unique aspects of your wedding and what resonates most with your preferences. Whether you choose the ephemeral beauty of real flowers or the enduring charm of artificial blooms, let your floral choices bloom authentically, reflecting the love and joy of your union.